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Become a Leadership Convention Sponsor and Let's Build Leaders Together

The Leadership Convention by NAAAP

August 11 - 13, 2022

Partner With NAAAP


With an abundance of caution yet great hope for 2022, NAAAP National will continue to plan virtual-only programs for our larger gatherings. NAAAP is fortunate to be able to carry out its mission of building leaders in innovative ways.  NAAAP has always been resourceful and resilient; we will continue engaging, empowering, connecting, and elevating our Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Sponsors are invited to leverage:

• NAAAP’s network of 32 active and emerging chapters, diverse and talented membership, pan-Asian and pan-professional community

• Authentic experiences, thought leadership,  talent, and commitment to highest performance

• State-of-the-art technologies for mentoring, online meetings, talent management

Thank you for your continued interest in NAAAP.



The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is the premier leadership organization for Asian & Pacific Islander (API) professionals.  As the oldest and largest pan-Asian, leadership 501(c)(3) nonprofit, NAAAP works with its sponsors to inspire, develop, and connect leaders in advancing the API community and its supporters. In short, We Build Leaders!

Since 1982, NAAAP has delivered professional development programs, networking opportunities, community service projects, and cultural awareness to its reach of tens of thousands of Asians and Pacific Islanders through 25 active chapters and 7 emerging chapters in North America and Asia.  Our signature offerings include major national conferences, leadership development programs and webinars which are carried out by both national and chapter teams.

NAAAP’s value proposition helps our sponsors to access, recruit, engage, connect, develop, support, and celebrate Asian & Pacific Islander talent. We are pleased that you are considering how we can collaborate to realize our shared goals.  

NAAAP members have diverse demographics and are educated, pan-professional, pan-Asian.


Diverse Demographics.  Regarding age, about 40% of NAAAP members are in their 30’s, with 25% in their 20’s, 18% in their 40’s and 17% in their 50’s and up.  About half of all members are women, representation is encouraged in the LGBTQ community, and most live in the major metropolitan areas of the U.S. and Canada.


Education and Income.  About 50% of NAAAP members have four-year degrees and another 45% have master’s degrees or higher. Median income is above average.


Pan-professional.  The membership reflects the wide spectrum of professions, whether in business, finance, technology, medicine, law, government, and nonprofit. 


Pan-Asian.  Most members speak English as a primary language and many are multi-lingual and of various ethnic descents, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and other Southeast Asians, Indians and other South Asians, Filipinos and other Pacific Islanders, and non-APIs, including Caucasian, Black, and Latino.


About NAAAP Members

About Us (15).png
About Us (15).png

Why Partner With NAAAP?

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A network of 25,000+ professionals

Insight into pan-Asian and ethnic-specific experiences & preferences

In-person and virtual professional development programs

Online Career Center for diversity recruitment

Value Proposition

NAAAP by the Numbers


25,000+ Participants Nationwide in Programs Each Year


30,000+ Followers All Chapters Combined


10,000+ Followers All Chapters Combined


10,000+ Followers All Chapters Combined


6,200+ Group Members

Woman Measuring

Recruit Talent

  • Post jobs in Online Career Center

  • Participate in the Diversity & Inclusion Career Fair and local chapter programs and career fairs

  • Be seen as an employer-of-choice among Asian professionals

Creatives Discussing Project

Develop Your

  • Offer your employees valuable, unique training and best practices at the Leadership Convention and regional chapter conferences


  • Utilize the Convention as a national meeting opportunity for your ERG and with other ERGs

Library Study Group

Market Your

  • Reinforce your reputation as a corporate diversity leader

  • Increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales

  • Enhance your understanding of Asian cultures and consumers, which according to Nielsen are the fastest-growing, have the highest disposable income, and increasingly influential

Past and Current Sponsors



Advance Auto Parts

America's Navy
(US Navy) 


Bank of America

BNSF Railway


Caesars Entertainment





The Clorox Company

The Coca Cola Company

Cox Enterprises

Eli Lily & Co.





General Motors


Harvard Pilgrim





Molson Coors

Mutual of Omaha

National Grid


Northrup Grumman

Northern Trust







United Airlines

U.S. Bank

USTA (Tennis Assoc) 




The Walt Disney Company


2022 Leadership Convention

The Leadership Convention ( is a 3-day conference that is open to professionals interested in leadership and professional development, regardless of discipline, industry, and cultural background.


The 2022 Leadership Convention is on August 11 - 13, 2022 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C

An all-inclusive pass includes:

• Access to all sessions including

  • ERG Summit

  • All Keynotes and Workshops

  • Diversity & Inclusion Career Fair

  • Gala

Partner Discounts:

•$50/pass discount for Silver and Exhibitor

•$75/pass discount for Gold and above

Sponsorship Packages



  • 25 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 2 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • 2 NAAAP Chairman's Award for Asian Leadership

  • Keynote Introduction

  • 2 Workshop Sessions 

  • 2 Exclusive Promotional Items to Give Away

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Career Fair Exhibitor Booth (4 Tables and Premium Location)

  • 25 Annual Career Center Job Listings

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 



  • 15 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 2 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • 1 NAAAP Chairman's Award for Asian Leadership

  • 1 Keynote Introduction

  • 2 Workshop Sessions 

  • 1 Exclusive Promotional Items to Give Away

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Career Fair Exhibitor Booth (2 Tables and Premium Location)

  • 20 Annual Career Center Job Listings

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 



  • 8 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 1 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • 1 Workshop Sessions 

  • 1 Exclusive Promotional Items to Give Away

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Career Fair Exhibitor Booth

  • 15 Annual Career Center Job Listings

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 



  • 4 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 1 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • 1 Workshop Sessions 

  • 1 Exclusive Promotional Items to Give Away

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Career Fair Exhibitor Booth

  • 10 Annual Career Center Job Listings

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 


Gala Sponsor

  • 2 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 20 Exclusive Gala Tickets

  • 2 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • 1 Exclusive Promotional Items to Give Away

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Annual Career Center Job Listings if Desired

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 


Career Fair Exhibitor

  • 1 All-Access Passes (Including Gala Dinner)

  • 1/2 Page Feature in the Convention Program Book

  • Hyperlink Logo On NAAAP Website

  • Dedicated Email Marketing

  • Social Media Campaign Feature

  • Career Fair Exhibitor Booth

  • 5 Annual Career Center Job Listings

  • 90 Day Access to Resume Search in NAAAP's Career Center 

** NAAAP does not promise exclusive sponsorship at any level. NAAAP will consult with first sponsor if same-industry sponsors approach

Sponsorship Packages

 Recruit with the Career Center


Connecting  Qualified Talent with Diversity, Inclusion and Equity-Minded Employers

Statistics on NAAAP’s Career Center


Job views per month on average


Employers registered


Job seekers



Resumes average new per month,

Total live resumes


Price per job posting

What is it?

The NAAAP Career Center is a web-based job bank containing open positions posted by employers and a resume bank of job seekers. It is available on NAAAP’s national website.

NAAAP uses a vendor which has more than 20 years experience in association job boards. 

NAAAP is the only Asian-serving non-profit with a career center of this magnitude.

Online self service provides  job seekers -- regardless of NAAAP membership – with the ability to search for jobs online, insights into professional opportunities, as well as resume and interview tips.

Benefits to Recruiters

  • NAAAP’s Career Center provides metrics on number of job views, number of applications, and much more.

  • The Career Center posts jobs nationwide 24/7 yet job seekers can search for nearby positions by zipcode/geography.

  • Regional sponsors of NAAAP chapters receive the same nationwide exposure while providing a referral fee to their local chapter.

  • Job applicants are redirected to the employer’s website to apply for the position(s).

  • Employers may request access to the resume database to identify prospective qualified candidates.  


  • $150 BASIC for basic 60-day listing

  • $170 ENHANCED for 60-day listing plus job highlighted on job board, and stays near top of list

  • $350 JOB SEEKER PACKAGE Enhanced package plus email sent directly to thousands of Asian professionals

NAAAP Leadership Convention Sponsors receive deep discounts for multiple job postings. 

First-time recruiters may try out the Career Center at a Trial Fee of $25.

To received the Trial Coupon code, contact  

NAAAP's Private Networking & Mentoring Group


Sponsor and leverage NAAAP’s private online networking & mentoring group to:

  • Develop your talent pipeline

  • Promote your employer, corporate and product brand

  • Support greater knowledge-sharing, mentorship and networking
    among API professionals

  • Cultivate your employees


NAAAP recently launched its online networking & mentoring group to make career insights, mentorship and networking available to all members on demand.  The program uses the innovative KIP101 technology platform to enable members to efficiently make professional connections, obtain mentorship, acquire career knowledge, and share career knowledge—all based on their own schedule and availability. Learn more here.


Get involved by getting group membership seats or contributing to the group’s reward program.

National Programs at the Convention

Women in NAAAP (WIN)


Women in NAAAP (WIN) is a special program created and developed to empower, support and engage Asian American and Asian Canadian women to succeed as professional and personal leaders.

Originally launched in 2009, Women in NAAAP has been a popular program for Leadership Convention and chapters.


NAAAP chapters have organized Lean In Circles, women’s leadership speaker series, financial literacy workshops for women, and dialogue about work-life balance, breaking the glass ceiling, and a weekend pamper-and-rejuvenate session. 

The goals include:

  • Instill API women with skills, resources, and confidence to lead effectively in a multicultural environment.

  • Connect API leaders to role models for mentoring

  • Empower all to speak up and challenge the status quo

  • Inspire API women to make a meaningful difference in government, education, business, and society.



Our Mission

NAAAP Pride is a national program by NAAAP. It is here to empower, education, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community and its allies by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future LGBTQ+ leaders.


We will provide resources and support for those in all stages of the coming out process and for those creating safe and affirming work and learning spaces where Asian American LGBTQ+ students and employees can live, work, and study safely, openly, and genuinely. 

Our Objectives

Educating our members and associated individuals about the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.

Promoting visibility and offering support from NAAAP to members, engage allies, and corporations including their HR and Diversity and Inclusion departments.

Identify and celebrate strategic partners, supporters, and advancements within the Asian American LGBTQ+ community.

Our Stories

Listen to our new podcast, Pride Talk, to hear casual conversations, stories, and life experiences from various Asian American LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies. 

To learn more, visit



Self Care and Wellness

NAAAP’s Self Care and Wellness officially launched in June 2020. Pilot programs titled De-Stress not Distress, Wellness for Women in NAAAP, Long-Term Financial Literacy, and Self Compassion during Covid-19 have received accolades when delivered in-person or virtually, to NAAAP chapters and corporate sponsors.

The research is clear: Organizations who invest in workplace mental health/wellness are finding a yield of four times the ROI and can increase productivity, improve employee retention, and support diversity and inclusion. Workplace research indicates mental health and wellness is becoming an integral part of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) movement. NAAAP is a strategic partner in this DEI initiative by pioneering a national program: Self Care & Wellness Presented by NAAAP.


Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, multi-dimensional program founded on cultural competence to promote self-care and wellness for professionals.


NAAAP will address three dimensions of wellness:

Emotional Wellness   

Physical Wellness  

Financial Wellness

Occupational & Social Wellness support all three dimensions.

Employee Resource Group Symposium

The ERG Summit is a stand-alone, one-day, multi-company conference that provides practical leadership training and best practices to individuals responsible for starting, developing, or sustaining Employee Resource Groups and Business Resource Groups. 


A keynote speech, panels, workshops, and additional coaching maximize learning and interaction between ERG leaders – ideally leaders in multiple companies and for various ERGs  This ERG Summit is a major feature of the Leadership Convention, but can be brought to a chapter or corporate sponsor, and can be tailored to up to 160 persons. 

082219_0489TH (1).jpg
20190824 203211 NAAAP Gala-2_HiRes.jpg

Our Most Prestigious Honors:
NAAAP 100, Inspire, and Pride Awards


Annually, NAAAP honors public and private sector leaders who have significantly contributed to the Asian community.  Winners are honored at the Gala, the finale of the Leadership Convention.


The NAAAP 100 program has honored U.S. and Canadian Senators, business leaders, and scientific and artistic pioneers.  Among them are:

  • Elaine Chao, U.S. Secretary of Labor and Transportation

  • George Takei, Star Trek actor, activist, producer

  • Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp

  • Mia Yamamoto, criminal defense attorney born in a WWII internment camp.

Inspire Award

In 2016, NAAAP established the Inspire Award for younger proven leaders.

  • Brian Wong, founder of Kiip, and author, The Cheat Code

  • Nanxi Liu, entrepreneur, businesswoman, philanthropist

  • Aisha Yaqoob, immigrant rights advocate in Georgia

  • Nydia Han, journalist and documentarian

Pride Award

In 2019, a year after its formation, NAAAP Pride established the PRIDE Award to honor an influential leader in the Asian American LGBTQ+ community who has made significant contributions in advancing LGBTQ+ leadership, equality, and visibility. The award was presented to Telly Leung, television actor and Broadway performer.  

Service Award

The NAAAP volunteer corps is a network of diverse talent. NAAAP is graced with thousands of hours of service from accountants, attorneys, project managers, and other professionals.  We honor them with service pins and competitive excellence awards. 


NAAAPSpeaks, A Talent Agency

Asian Thought Leaders

NAAAP’s Board, chapter leaders, and members include keynote speakers, authors, senior executives, trainers, and  accomplished people in various professions and industries.

Let NAAAP help introduce you to Asian American and Asian Canadian thought leaders including:

  • Jane Hyun, Author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling

  • Fabian DeRozario, coveted trainer at Procter & Gamble, Fidelity, and NBA

Trainers and Facilitators

Whether you are seeking an engaging speaker for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a training on cultural literacy or unconscious bias, or an Asian panelist, NAAAP can provide choices from our new NAAAP Speaks speakers bureau.

Our speakers give a portion of their honorarium to NAAAP.   As with any speakers bureau, NAAAP will sign an agreement with the client and suggest the right speaker for the right setting, message, and price point.

Didn’t See What You Want?

As a prospective sponsor, if you have another need or partnership in mind, please don’t hesitate in contacting and conferring with our Strategic Partnership Team. NAAAP is able to modify sponsorship packages to suit your intended scope and geographic region. 


Fill out the form below and we will connect with you to make sure we create a custom package based on what you are looking for





Fill out the interest form and a representative of NAAAP will contact you.

Sponsorship: Contact
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